Recreation Research Proposal Guidelines

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IMPORTANT: The model study must have been published in a park and recreation journal between 2009 and present AND selected from the list of Park and Recreation Journals.
The project format must follow APA Guidelines. This format includes the information on the following table. Papers will be graded on spelling, punctuation, structure, and content.

Do not use a qualitative study. It will not grade well for this assignment.


 Basics of APA Style Tutorial (Flash)


Grading Basis:


Model Study Reference (5 points)


Abstract (5 points)


Introduction (15 points)


Literature Review (25 points);


Methodology (30 points);


Pro Forma Budget 10 points); and 


Complete reference list (APA Guidelines format) (10 points)


For ALL PRM majors, this assignment should be saved and placed in your PRM Professional Portfolio.


Project Format

Title Page: Include the name of the assignment, the class prefix and number, your name and the date.
Font:  Ariel, Times New Roman or CG Times
Font Size:  12 points
Margins:  1inch, top and bottom - left and right. (Hint. In MS Word, select "File"; select "Page Setup"; select 1 inch (1") in the Top; Bottom; Left; Right; boxes; then ok).
Justification All text is Left justified
Print Color: Black
Line Spacing: Double space
Page Numbers Number all pages at the top right, beginning with the title page.
Pictures: Do not include any pictures in the assignment.
Writing Tense All professional papers should be written in the third person. Do not use first person (I) or (we).

 Submit this project to the course facilitator using a Microsoft Word format (.doc; .docx; or .rtf), as a single email attachment. 

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List of Park and Recreation Journals


Sample research studies: 


Job Competency Analyses of Entry-Level Resort and Commercial Recreation Professionals


Therapeutic Recreation Specialists Vocational Profile Based on the 16 PF

Below is an outline for a typical recreation research proposal. Specific information for each section is given in the proposal outline. Always use a title page, but do not number or count it. Remember SPELLING COUNTS.


I. Include the citation for the model study (the research study that you are using as a model for your study. Remember to change the location and population for your research). The Model Study MUST BE DATED BETWEE 2009 TO THE PRESENT AND COME FROM A JOURNAL IN THE LIST OF PARK AND RECREATION JOURNALS OR A ZERO WILL BE GIVEN FOR THE ASSIGNMENT.

Sample APA Model Study format below. (See APA Guidelines).

Dunger, D. R. & Roft, G. E. (2005). Trailhead Satisfaction Study in Wilderness Waterway, Journal of Leisure Research, Retrieved from http://www.nps.gove/evr/study30

II. Abstract

This is a brief overview of the research study and identified need. It should include the purpose: methodology (population, sample, data analysis); and summary of results. Since you will not have any results, you would not address results in your abstract. The abstract has a maximum of 150 words.

III. Introduction

The introduction will include the following information:


Identify the specific research problem


Review research objectives and state a null hypothesis. The hypothesis must be written in the null (no difference) format. Please bold the hypothesis so I can identify it.


Briefly discuss methodology and how objectives will be achieved

IV. Literature Review - A minimum of five articles is required.

The literature review is a critical evaluation of existing research that relates to your research topic. It is NOT merely a summary of these articles and manuscripts. A good literature review should summarize and evaluate relevant research. It will also identify relationships between different work and your topic. It should NOT only provide a description of the article or manuscript. It will discuss different aspects of the research, including methodology, and describe how it relates to other current research. A minimum of FIVE references is required in the Literature Review.  One of the references must be the Model Study. The Model Study must be dated from 2009 to the present.

Literature Sources




conference proceedings


corporate reports


government reports


journal articles (published and Internet)






College/University theses and dissertations

The literature review creates the context for your research by reviewing related work in your research area. A good literature review should address the following questions.

  1. What do we already know about this topic/issue?

  2. What are the key concepts?

  3. Describe the relationships between these key concepts?

  4. Identify any existing theories?

  5. What evidence is lacking, inconclusive, contradictory or too limited in the current studies?

  6. What contribution can the present study be expected to make?

Do not answer these specific questions in the Literature Review, but this is the type of information covered in any Literature Review.

V. Methodology (Use the outline format below for this section)

    a. Identify the category of research design used (ie. pre-experimental, quasi-experimental or true experimental).
    b. Identify if this is applied or basic research and why.
    c. Describe where the study would take place (exact location)
    d. Describe the data collection method.
    e. A sample of your questionnaire (if one is available).
    f. Describe the population and population size. A population number is required. YOU MUST also include a citation (document or personal communication) for the population number.
    g. Sample selection method, sample size. A sample size number is required.
    h. Describe your margin of error. This is a projection, since once your data is collected it may change.
    i. Describe how data would be analyzed (describe the statistics used ie. ANOVA, correlation, t-test, etc.).

VI. Pro Forma Budget: This would be included as an Appendix to the research proposal.

VII. References: Must be in the correct APA Guidelines format.


 Submit this document to the course facilitator in an MSWord format (.doc; .docx; or .rtf), attached to an email. 

Do not submit this document in a .pdf or Google Docs file. It will not be accepted because I cannot include comments for you.



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