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Mission Statements

Mission Statements: define the primary work of a leisure service organization. Mission statements are direct, pragmatic and focused towards the types of services to be provided and their associated potential benefits.

Primary elements in a mission statement

- short and direct statements focused on the work and aspirations of an organization.

- focuses on specific types of services, markets, and benefits to be produced by the organization.

- reflects a focus on quality or standards of excellence that influence the way services are delivered.

- reflects organizational values that provide overall direction to the organization.

- difficult to measure and quantify because they are written in broad general terms.

Goals and Objectives are ultimately linked to the organizations mission statement


Hennepin Park's mission is to provide opportunities for people to enrich their lives and increase their enjoyment and well-being through outdoor recreation and education in a natural resource-based park system.

The mission of Portland Parks and Recreation is to create and promote recreational opportunities and to preserve and enhance Portland parks and natural areas to enrich the lives of the citizens of Portland.



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