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Attached, please find a request for proposal to design the fairground rehabilitation at Fort Tuthill County Park.

To have a proposal considered, the submitter is required to attend a mandatory walk- thru, which will be held at the site at 10:00 a.m., November 9, 1999. All attendees should meet at the Parks and Recreation Department Office at Fort Tuthill, prior to the walk-thru.

Proposals are required to be at the Coconino County Parks and Recreation Office by close of business, Friday, November 12, 1999. Proposals may be mailed to the following address:

Coconino County Parks & Recreation Department Fort Tuthill County Park HCR-30, Box 3A Flagstaff, AZ 86001

Or, they may be faxed to the following number:

(520) 774-2572

Any questions regarding mandatory walk-thru or submission requirements may be addressed to John Cawley, Jr. at (520) 774-6126. Any technical questions regarding the work or requirements of the project should be addressed at the mandatory walk-thru on November 9, 1999.



Coconino County is requesting proposals from all interested architects and engineers desiring to provide consultant services for the Parks and Recreation Department.

The services would be for concept development of the fairground entrance, the fairgrounds and the carnival area. After approval of concept, design of the project to include developing a site plan, grading and drainage plan, preparing construction bid documents, pre-construction site staking and preparation, supervising construction (including payables and change orders), and producing as-built drawings for the completed work.


Fort Tuthill County Park is located in Coconino County, south of Flagstaff, and adjacent to the City's corporate boundary. Attached is a layout, which shows the location of the Park. Luke Air Force Base has a recreation area (LAFS Rec Area) that is adjacent to the fairgrounds located within the park.

The Park consists of approximately 41 1 acres of forested land and contains the Coconino County Fairgrounds, a horse racetrack, overnight camping and day use picnicking facilities. Fort Tuthill was originally constructed in the 1930s and is being considered for restoration as a historical site, which may impact this Request for Proposal. Coconino County Fairgrounds is the site for the Annual County Fair but it is also used for a variety of events from May through October. Events held in the fairgrounds are varied and include car shows, antique guild meetings, athletic events and a ski swap. The horse racetrack serves multi purpose venues for equestrian events including rodeos, horse shows, and several team-roping competitions from May to October. Overnight camping is available in the 115-space campground and two group campsites. Day use and picnic areas are located at the center of the Park and allow for both informal picnicking and reserved use of facilities for groups. In all, Fort Tuthill has an estimated visitor density of approximately 600,000 user days per year.

In 1996, the Board of Supervisors approved a Master Plan for Fort Tuthill County Park. Part of the Master Plan included the upgrading of the infrastructure of the park which included the water, sanitary, storm and electrical systems.

Since the development of the Master Plan, the Arizona Department of Transportation (ADOT) has acquired a portion of Fort Tuthill. The land located near the 1-17 traffic interchange and 89A / John Wesley Powell Boulevard intersection at the south entrance to the Park will be required to move the 89A intersection for safety reasons. A survey of this area is not available, but the generic location of the realignment is sketched onto the Master Plan, which is also attached.


The scope of work for this project will be as follows:

1. Develop a site plan that locates and sizes the facilities that are defined below.

2.Design the following facilities:

  1. Fairground circulation and walkway system.
  2. Fairgrounds surfacing.
  3. Underground utility service to the area with utility drops located at proposed vendor locations and to all building in the fairgrounds. This includes buildings to be retained and new building which will be part of this project. Utilities provided to include:
    (1) Electrical distribution and lighting
    (2) Water distribution
    (3) Sewer collection (This includes collection from the fairgrounds area to the new sewer collection system being designed for the park)
    (4) Telephone
    (5) Public Address system
  4. Site grading and storm drainage system. Develop a grading and drainage plan on a topographic map using one (1) foot contours. Landscaping and irrigation system

3. Present plans and specifications for review by the Parks and Recreation Department and the commission at the 30% concept, 60%, 95% and final design.

4. Make two presentations to the Board of Supervisors or other group as designated by the Director, Parks and Recreation Department, as required.

5. Prepare bid documents for construction of the project for solicitation by Coconino County.

6. Provide pre-construction survey and site staking for the project prior to construction.

7. Provide project timelines for design, procurement and construction on disks using Microsoft Project 98. Update as timelines shift through all phases of the project.

8. Supervise construction of the project.

9. Prepare as-built drawings of the project as changes are authorized by the Director, Parks and Recreation Department. As-built drawings to be provided as a hard copy and on disks as AutoCAD Release 14 files.


1. Consultation and coordination with the staff of the Coconino County Parks and Recreation Department is imperative in order to understand the operation of fairground during events and the special design requirements that the various events necessitate. Prior to project commencement, consultant will participate in a pre-design workshop with the Coconino County Parks and Recreation Department staff.

2. Options on disposition of existing fairground facilities, which were part of the original Fort Tuthill, need to be addressed. Options include:
bulletRestoring the facilities to their original construction and layout as a historical restoration.
bulletRestore facilities with a function compatible with the fairgrounds needs.
bulletConstruct new facilities to service the fairgrounds and the events that occur there.
bulletA combination of the above

3. Options on the vendor setups and locations such as:
bulletDo vendors continue to use tents and drive their stakes into the existing asphalt?
bulletConstruct shelters for the vendor's use with utilities included.
bulletConstruct pads for the vendors to set up with tiedowns and utilities included.

4. The surfacing of the fairgrounds need to be addressed based on decisions made from the previous considerations. Options to be considered are:
bulletAsphalt millings
bulletA combination of the above

5. The fairgrounds require a storm sewer system which will be located based on the previous decisions to remove the water from the surface and move it to the discharge point. The surface shall be graded to move the water to the storm sewer intakes and avoid ponding on the surface.

6. The entrance to the fairgrounds needs to be developed which is compatible with the balance of the park.

7. The fairgrounds need to have a secure perimeter to control ingress and egress of patrons to the area. The type of fence needs to be compatible with the balance of the parks' architecture.


Proposals shall include the following: a signed letter of transmittal; a description of the approach to the project; descriptive information of the firms experience in this type of project; projected timeline for all phases; a brief resume of personnel assigned to the project; and a list of at least three references of clients for whom similar services were provided. Do not use Coconino as a reference.

Each proposal shall include a table for each phase showing all estimated costs including engineering/design fees, testing, surveying, etc. as well as the projects cost of construction. It is understood that all such projections are subject to amendment as the project progresses and more data becomes available. Project timelines shall be provided on disk in Microsoft Project 98. Updates to the schedule to include construction progress shall likewise be provided on disk in Microsoft Project 98. The engineer's estimates of project costs are essential for budgeting and funding. The engineer shall provide a statement of the proposed fee for construction management in either lump sum or as a percentage of the total cost of construction.

Firms wishing to submit a proposal must attend a mandatory walk-thru prior to submission of their proposal. The pre-proposal meeting will be held at the site on November 9, 1999 at 10:00 a.m. All attendees should meet at the Parks and Recreation Office at Fort Tuthill prior to the pre-proposal meeting.


1. Prior to Construction

The architect / engineer shall provide the following deliverables as part of this contract prior to construction:
bulletA grading and drainage plan for the fairgrounds and carnival area on a one (1) foot contour map.
bulletSite map of the facilities, site work, utilities and other requirements of this project.
bulletTwo presentations to the Board of Supervisors or other group as required by the Director, Parks and Recreation
bulletPlans and specifications suitable for Coconino County to put out for bid
bulletProject design and construction timelines on Microsoft Project 98
bulletPre-construction site survey and staking

2. During and After Construction

The architect / engineer shall provide the following deliverable as part of this contract during and after the construction phase:
bulletProject construction timelines on Microsoft Project 98.
bulletConstruction Management reports to include monthly progress reports on construction, payables and changes orders, as well as special reports as may be required by the Parks and Recreation Director.
bulletAs-Built drawings reflecting size, location and all pertinent data of project as constructed will be provided in hard copy and also on disk in AutoCAD Release 14 format.


1. Construction Costs

If the fixed limit of the Construction Cost Budget is exceeded by the lowest bona fide bid, or by the itemized Estimate of Construction Cost or the Statement of Probable Construction Cost, the County shall either:

  1. give written approval of an increase in such fixed limit,
  2. authorize rebidding the Project within a reasonable time, or
  3. the Consultant without additional charge shall modify the Drawings and Specifications as necessary to bring the Construction Costs within the fixed limit.

2. Liquidated Damages

  1. If the Consultant is not reasonably able to complete the design phases required by this Agreement, due to the actions of the County within three (3) months of the date agreed upon, the amounts of compensation and rates shall be subject to re-negotiation. If the Consultant fails to complete the work through the Construction Document Phase, free of any actions by the County, on or by the date agreed upon, the Consultant shall be liable for liquidated damages. The consultant shall pay to the County One-Hundred Dollars ($1 00.00) as fixed, agreed and liquidated damages for each calendar day of delay until the work is completed.
  2. The Consultant proposes to complete and deliver, to the County, the Construction Documents not later than three months after award of this contract.


The technical review committee selected by the Parks and Recreation Director will select a consultant or consultants for each, all, or any combination of the numbered items (1 - 9) above under Scope of Work. It is the County's desire to make a single award for the listed items, but it reserves the right to make multiple awards. The County may also elect to perform any portion of this job with its own staff if it is in the best interest of the County.

The proposals will be evaluated using the following criteria in rating of the proposals:

1. Understanding of the project based on the Quality of the Proposal and approach to the Scope of Work 25 points
2. Fee Schedules 25 points
3. Consultant's experience on similar projects / references 25 points
4. Staff qualifications 25 points
5. Proposed time frames for project 25 points
6. Consultant's ability to provide multi-item and multi-phase services 25 points
Total  Possible Points 150 points

Following review of all proposals received, the technical review committee may request individual interviews with Architects/Engineers. The purpose of these interviews would be to meet the staff that would be assigned to this project, clarify proposals and negotiation of fees.

bulletFort Tuthill County Park
bulletFort Tuthill County Park Final Master Plan


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