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  St. Patrick's Parade Information

Location: Sedona AZ, starting at the Heritage Museum going down Jordan Road and ending at Mesquite Road.

Contact: Sedona Main Street Program, Executive Director    

Phone: (928) 204-2390    fax: (928) 204-2548   


Address: 450 Jordan Road, Suite B, Sedona, AZ  86336

Number of Event Visitors: 3,000 - 5,000

Event Date & Duration: Saturday, March 11, 2017 beginning at 10:30 am ending at 12:00 noon (this does not count set-up or clean-up)

Event Sponsors: Sedona Main Street Program and NAU Parks and Recreation Management Program

Permit Required: Special Use Permit, City of Sedona

Green Team Meeting Dates: Sedona Main Street at 3 PM

bullet Wednesday, January 4

bullet 2017 St. Patrick's Parade Committee Members (Green Team)
bulletParade Letters and Forms
bulletSt. Patrick's Parade Event Timeline
bulletSt. Patrick's Festival
bulletSedona St. Patrick's Parade History


Background Information: The parade has a 34 year history but it was not held in 1998 due to the lack of an organizational sponsor. There have been many issues surrounding this parade the greatest being it has traditionally been held on Route 89A, requiring it to be closed for two hours. This closure usually backs traffic up for 20 miles until the parade route clears, causing problems and complaints from residents, visitors, and businesses. Moving the parade to the new route on Jordan Road returns the parade to its original locale and eliminates any closure of Route 89A. The parade has a strong community tradition and has been organized by many different community groups over the years leading to a lack of consistency in the quality of the event. The first public celebration of St. Patrick's Day in the United States was in Boston in 1737. The PRM 325 Special Events class has been organizing the Parade since 1999.

Happy St. Patrick's Day!

Project Team Organization

bulletPrepares the parade entry form
bulletTracks registration numbers
bulletSends out entry response letters
bulletPrepares mailing list from the last parade entrants
bulletPrepares parade Bios

Dignitary Host/Hostess
bulletIdentify potential parade dignitaries (use last years list and get new candidates from the Sedona Parade Committee)
bulletSend out Dignitary invitation letters (by Jan. 31)
bulletBe sure the Dignitary name signs are ready for the parade.
bulletBe sure that each dignitary has an assigned vehicle for the parade.
bulletMeet each Dignitary and escort them to their assigned vehicles (Smooze).
bulletEscort dignitary from parade to dignitary tent in the judging area.
bulletTrack and respond to dignitary response forms with a dignitary reply letter.

bulletDevelop surveys to evaluate the Parade for parade participants and for spectators.
bulletConduct the surveys and tabulate the responses.
bulletPrepare a report on the results for the Parade Committee.

Traffic Control
bulletPrepare traffic control (pedestrians and vehicles) plan. Identify all intersections to be blocked off, detours,  number of volunteers necessary to implement plan, lost child plan, injured/ill person, fire, and disabled parade float/vehicle emergency, parade route security.

Facilities & Equipment
bulletIdentify all facilities and equipment necessary. Get this information from the other coordinators.
bulletAcquire traffic cones/barriers for road closures.
bulletAcquire four accessible port-a-potties for parade route. (Green Team)
bulletArrange for the viewing/judging grandstand for parade date
bulletSet up traffic cones/barriers for the parade then collect and return them.

Judges Host/Hostess
bulletGet judges t-shirt sizes and set aside t-shirts for all judges
bulletIdentify/invite three judges for the parade (not Sedona residents)
bulletPrepare judges packet (judges information sheet and judging sheets)
bulletBe sure to have name placards for the judges table.
bulletBe sure to have the lunch certificate for each judge.
bulletMeet and escort the judges for the day's activities (Smooze).

bulletIdentify the total number of volunteers necessary to implement the event.
bulletIdentify the types and dates for training volunteers in necessary skills (specifically traffic control).
bulletCreate a master contact list, name, address, phone, e-mail, for all volunteers.
bulletTrack the attendance and hours for all volunteers.
bulletSet-up and staff command center on parade date.

bulletOrganize the parade entrant location and sequence (where will each entry be positioned in the parade).
bulletPrepare the entrant identification numbers and provide them to the entrants on parade day.
bulletRecruit a minimum of four bands for the parade ($350 stipend is available).
bulletRecruit street performers, clowns, mimes, jugglers etc.
bulletPrepare entrant biographies for the parade Master of Ceremonies (MC)

Marketing & PR
bulletPrepare parade staff t-shirts (design and vendor)
bulletContact residents and businesses on the parade route with parade information flyer
bulletPrepare parade information flyer for schools and resident/businesses.
bulletPrepare media releases
bulletCreate, price and determine the number of parade awards necessary.

bulletCreate the following signs: Caution Special Event Ahead; No Parking, St. Patrick's Parade.
bulletDetermine the number, construction, and cost of signs necessary
bulletPost signs when required
bulletDetermine and acquire the necessary length of caution tape to rope off the spectator viewing area

Trolley Host/Hostess
bulletDetermine the best emergency access routes. See Ray on the Parade Committee.
bulletReserve the  trolley's (2) for parade date (Green Team)
bulletDetermine the trolley routes (parking lots to staging area).
bulletDevelop a parking plan for the parade entrants, and spectators.
bulletIdentify two trolley hosts/hostesses and parking staff (3).


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