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If this is your first time in the class, you should:

1.Read the Help & Course Syllabus pages.

How the course is taught

For Distance students, the class is asynchronous with all readings and assignments completed by each student. All assignments must be submitted by their posted due dates.

The class is divided into 11 modules, seven assignments and two tests. Each section contains one or more chapters. Contained within each chapter is an outline of relevant material from a book, including web links to related information. The outlines are intended to guide you through the reading, and they are double spaced so that you may print them and supplement them with your own notes.

You should read and complete each book and assignment in order by the due dates listed. Generally, each topic will consist of required reading(s) from a book, presentation of on-line materials, on-line activities, and an assignment.

How this course is organized

PRM 300 Ecotourism course is divided into six major areas. Buttons for these areas appear at the top of each page in the course. The six areas are:

Getting Started
This page. "Attending" a class over the internet is different from attending a class on a traditional campus. This page will
help you learn how readings, assignments, communication, and other class functions are handled in a virtual classroom

Course Syllabus
The syllabus contains important information about such items as objectives, expectations and grading. As with any course,
you should read the syllabus carefully before beginning any course work.

This is likely where you will spend most of your time. Required readings, course notes, assignments, and activities are
presented in this area.

To communicate with any member of the course - student(s) or instructor - visit the communication page.

NAU Cline Library has collected many resources available to students enrolled in the course. These resources are
available from the library page. If you find something you think should be included, please send me e-mail.

The help page is designed to help you deal with technical issues and problems related to this course.

Required Readings

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Required TextFennell, D. (2020). ecotourism (5th ed). New York: Routledge.

ISBN: 978-0-367-36460-1 (pbk)

You are required to read all text assignments. It is recommended that you read the text and on-line lesson before completing any of the assignments. You are required to read the on-line lessons. These lessons are marked throughout the course in this manner:


Each of the topics in this course have at least one assignment. You must complete each of these assignments. The method of completing assignments will vary.

See an overview of the modules, topics and assignments for this course. (You should print this out and check off each item as you complete it).

Assignments are marked with one of the following icons.

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 Individual Assignment


 Video Assignment


 Video Assignment

music video

 Music Assignment

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 Reading Assignment



Communication is an important part of this course. You will be expected to communicate frequently with the instructor.

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