Camp Director Job Description 

Minimum Qualifications


Bachelors in camp administration or related degree.


Director certification by the American Camping Association preferred


Current CPR and first aid certifications


At least one season of camp administrative experience (i.e., unit leader, head counselor)


Ability to supervise staff and campers


Ability to meet the public


Ability to plan, originate, organize, and carry out daily and special programs

Responsible To
     Camp owner, agency's camp coordinator, or board of directors

Camp Goals
      This job description should include specific responsibilities to help identify and define the goals of the camp and the goals of camper development, and/ or reflect the director's role in carrying out these goals as defined by organization. 

General Responsibility
       To plan, direct, and supervise all camp programs and staff.

Specific Responsibilities

  1. Define camp goals and/ or define and plan program to reflect camp goals.

  2. Originate and carry out a system for recruiting campers and staff utilizing brochures, telephone calls, reunions, hot prospect lists, etc.

  3. Prepare and conduct pre-camp and in-service staff trainings.

  4. Order or supervise the ordering of food, supplies, and equipment, and arrange for proper distribution.

  5. Set and supervise office procedures, opening-and closing-day procedures for staff and campers.

  6. Develop routines, schedules, and procedures for camp operation.

  7. Assign staff activities and other responsibilities.

  8. Assign staff and campers to cabins or groups.

  9. Supervise and evaluate, or supervise evaluations of, all operations and program staff.

  10. Maintain and review records and evaluations of all programs, operations, staff, and facilities.

  11. Prepare an evaluation and summary of current season including inventories, staff evaluations, camper reports, and recommendations for the following season.

  12. Define and monitor crisis management plan, including emergency procedures.

  13. Organize and/ or approve trips out of camp for program, supplies, and crisis management.

  14. Monitor safety and all procedures as they pertain to the complete supervision of all campers and staff.

  15. Help provide an atmosphere for developing good morale and well-being among the camp family.

  16. These are not the only duties to be performed. Some duties may be reassigned and other duties may be assigned as required.

Essential Functions
       This job description should also identify the essential functions of the job, including any physical, cognitive, visual, auditory, and other abilities essential to fulfilling the job. 

Source: It's My Job: Job Descriptions for Over 30 Camp Jobs. Edie Klein, CCD. 1992. Martinsville, IN. American Camping Association. 765-342-8456. Reprinted by permission of the publisher

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