NAME OF SPORTS ORGANIZATION: American Badminton Association, (ABA)

RECOMMENDED AREA: Ground space is 1620 square feet minimum to edge of pavement.

SIZE AND DIMENSION: Singles court is 17' x 44', doubles court is 20' x 44' with a 5'-0" minimum unobstructed area on all sides.

ORIENTATION: Preferred orientation is for the long axis to be north-south.

bulletSurface is to be concrete or bituminous material with optional protective colorcoating for permanent installation.
bulletDrainage is to be end to end, side to side or corner to corner diagonally at a minimum slope of 1" in 10'.
bulletBadminton may be played on a turf court, for general recreation use with surface drainage as described above at a minimum slope of 2% and adequate underdrainage.

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